A leading community organisation for local conservation initiatives

Wolston and Centenary Catchments Inc (WaCC) is a not-for-profit organisation working to regenerate and rehabilitate local bushland. As a leading community organisation for local conservation initiatives, WaCC works closely with partners and volunteers on projects such as creek riparian area restoration, biodiversity surveys, fauna and flora surveys, educational talks and nature appreciation walks.

WaCC also offers capacity-building opportunities for members and volunteers. New volunteers are very welcome.


WaCC 2023 Annual Review

WaCC 2022 Annual Review

WaCC 2021 Annual Review


Healthy creeks like this in Wolston Catchment provide important habitats of platypus in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane.

Our Vision: Our Catchment… Our Community… Our Commitment

A catchment that is ecologically balanced and valued by its community

Our Mission

To work to regenerate and rehabilitate creek riparian areas and local bushland within and around Wolston and Centenary Catchments.

Our Objectives

  • Foster collaborative partnerships with all levels of government, community and industry to achieve outcome-based results.
  • Advocate sustainable land-use and conservation practices needed in the catchment, recognising the interactions between land, waterways, vegetation, wildlife and recognising the value of biodiversity.
  • Foster cooperation between all members of this community in achieving the mission of the association.
  • Increase awareness, appreciation and care of our natural environment.
  • Engage in projects and initiatives that have sound planning and clear measurable outcomes.
  • Build the capacity of WaCC and the community.
  • Seek and maintain diverse funding sources.

Our Core Values


  • We are committed to protecting and enhancing our natural environment.
  • We believe in taking care of our natural resources for the benefit of future generations.
  • We encourage responsible environmental behaviour through community education and engagement.


  • We are committed to professional governance and regular review of our practices for accountability, effectiveness and relevance.
  • We use the best available conservation science and environmental management practices to set priorities, make decisions and take actions.
  • We practice fair and objective decision-making.


  • We conduct our work in an environmentally and socially sensitive manner.
  • We value collaborative partnerships and volunteerism.
  • We maintain a supportive environment through teamwork, good leadership, and a sense of fulfillment, fun and humour.